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Dan Deibert (847) 802-9360

Dan Deibert   (847) 802-9360

Once you’ve seen Dan Deibert perform, you will never forget him.

Dan might look familiar to you.  He’s been performing stand up comedy for over 20 years!  He’s done comedy in almost every state in the US at comedy clubs and private events.  He was also a runner up in the National Jay Leno Comedy Challenge.

Dan might sound familiar to you.  He’s hosted talk shows in major radio markets like Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and St. Louis.  He is also the fill-in host for “Overnight America”.  A nightly talk show heard on more than 100 stations throughout the country.

Though he travels extensively, Dan Deibert lives an easy life. Why is it so easy? He makes no decisions. He doesn’t have to.

“Between my wife and my dog, I have no input into anything”, says Dan. “I remember the day I figured all of that out. It was late at night and my dog wanted to go outside to go to the bathroom. My wife made me get up, get dressed, and take him out. I was standing on a street corner at 1:30am in freezing rain and snow, holding a plastic baggie full of dog poop in my hand. There was no doubt I had lost control of my life.”

It’s probably a good thing he doesn’t make that many decisions because when he does, well… they aren’t the best decisions.  “My wife went away on business once for a week and she left me home alone.  By the time she got back, I was wearing clothes from the attic, eating left-over food from the neighbors house, and drinking out of the Yahtzee cup.”

With a clean act that works at both comedy clubs and corporate functions, Dan travels the country bringing laughs and fun with him. He deals with everything from drunks to drug stores to driving. Most of his material is based upon his marriage and family life. It’s material that we can all relate to.

Book Dan at your next event by calling (847) 802-9360 or reach him by clicking here.

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